Buffet or Plated Dinner: Which One to Choose?  

Weddings are very special events that require meticulous planning. Everything has to be perfect, from the invitations to tablecloth, from music to food. This is why there are many companies that exclusively offer wedding catering in Durham NC and other places in the country. Their services are very specific to this type of events and they’re not accepting any other job. 

Buffet or Plated Dinner

When planning food for your wedding, the first thing that the caterers will ask you is if you want to serve a plated meal or you’d rather have buffet style catering. Both of these choices have advantages and disadvantages and those are the things that you need to weigh.  

Plated Dinners  

Plated dinners are easier to manage and organize, and it pleases most guests, too. Many weddings guests prefer to be served rather than having to go to the food table and fetch the items they want for themselves. Plated dinners are pre-set meals that you choose days before the wedding party. All guests will be served the same thing, except for kids, who may have a whole set of meals prepared for them. This is your more formal option.  

Plated dinners are also great if you have a strict working budget. Every meal is set at a fixed price so there’s really no worrying about going over budget on food. However, one disadvantage is that guests don’t have the luxury of second servings or to choose only the food that they want to eat. Plated meals may also limit your guest’s choices when it comes to food, but it does the work just the same.  

Buffet Dinners  

Buffet dinners are a little bit more relaxed on the quantity and frequency of serving guests. This is really a great choice, although couples can get concerned about the price of buffet dinners because they can get really expensive. If you have an open budget on wedding food and you really want to satisfy every single one of your guests, then this is the best choice. Just be wary about the leftovers and the additional food items that you might have to request from the caterers. Those will certainly add up to the total bill.  

Additionally, buffet dinners may be a little too hard to organize, as guests will be roaming around to get their food. It might cause some distraction, especially if somebody wants to raise a toast while the others are still busy tinkering with the food. If you want to keep your guests seated all the time, forget about buffet dinners and stick to plated meals. Compared to plated meals, buffet-style catering tends to be somewhat informal.  

Wedding Catering in Durham NC  

These are the two food choices that you have when you’re planning a wedding. Consider the inputs of your wedding caterers because after the many weddings that they have served, they certainly know what would fit the ambiance that you want and the budget you have. Look for expert caterers in Durham and consult with them. Ask for their menu, capacity, and recommendations before you even start planning.