Types of Window Treatments

There are different kinds of window treatments to choose from. Each of them has their unique purposes and style. If you want added security, privacy and design for your room, window treatments are the best options. What are the types? Read more.  

Window Treatments


One of the classic window treatment choice is the shutters. It’s a great choice because it adds value to your home. If you want to add architectural design to your windows, then go with shutters. It has the design that looks good inside and the outside the room.   

Roman Shades 

Roman shades has the soft appearance of drapery. It consists of a continuous piece of fabric which features horizontal folds down the shade’s length. It looks nice when raised of lay flat against the window. This combination is great because you get the functionality of the shade and the soft look of drapery at the same time.   

Wood Blinds 

If you have a room with outlast style or trend, then the wood blinds is a great choice for you because of its classic look. It’s made of real wood and its durable for many years. It uses stains and various grains for added style and durability. It has this warm look that suits well if the room has wood trim, flooring and furniture.   

Solar Shade 

This is also known as window sunglasses because you can still see the view outside while controlling the amount of natural light getting through inside. It has an opaque design that has different openness factors from high openness to low openness. Such feature allows you to let in more light and preserve your view inside.   

Faux Wood Blinds 

If you want the same look of the wood blinds but wants something cheaper, you can opt for faux wood blinds. It’s made of composite wood material, vinly or PVC. It’s also a great option for bathrooms and kitchen because of its moist-resistant property. Real wood will crack and warp on those parts of the house.   

Woven Wood Shades 

There are also woven wood shades available in the market. They are made from different materials, like bamboo, reeds and grasses. It has this textured shade that adds a natural and casual feel to the room where you want to put it. You can also add fabric trim and liners for customization purposes, which can also increase the level of privacy you want.   

Cellular Shades 

If you want an energy-efficient window treatment, you can opt for cellular shades. A cellular shade is the best insulator of all the window treatments. Where does their insulation property come from? It’s made of fabric honeycomb cells that can trap air between the room and the window. This will result to heat loss during hot days and heat gain during cold days.   

Panel Track Blinds 

This window treatment is made of fabric panels that can slide back and forth. This feature fives you optimal light and allows you to control the privacy. If you want to cover a large sliding glass door or windows, this is a great alternative for vertical blinds.  



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